Static Masks - Permanent Vacation SDR011


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Releases July 12, 2018

Recorded by James Whitten & Nick Pope
At Hightower Recording | New Orleans, LA

Mixed by James Whitten
Mastered by Carl Saff

Album Art by Patrick Bailey

Static Masks | Patrick Bailey, Ben Belou, Eric Dauzat & Robert Landry



  1. Permanent Vacation
  2. Dust
  3. Local Ghosts
  4. Smoke Screen
  5. Somewhere North
  6. Last In Line
  7. Just A Spill
  8. Throws
Pressing Information

Static Smoke | Ltd. Edition of 50 (SDR / Online Exclusive)
Static Marble | Ltd. Edition of 75 (Band Exclusive)
Static Surprise | Ltd. Edition of 100

Ltd. Edition of 50 (Band Exclusive)