Bad Misters

Lafitte, Louisiana is home to the three corners of Bad Misters. It’s a small relatively rural town with not much to do but get fucked up and fish, so most of their adolescence was spent finding things to do, gaining some solace from music. The crew did a lot of schooling together but never played music together nor had deep connective friendships until after high school. James Goodreau and Annabelle Dempster cut their teeth performing in various rock and metal bands, performing in New Orleans. The original inception of Bad Misters arrived in 2012 from Goodreau and singer, Justin Andre, wanting to play music for fun after some unfulfilling band experiences. Knowing about Dempster’s prolific musical output, Goodreau recruited her on bass. The band spent a while trying to find a guitarist, but eventually found a rhythm on their own as a three-piece: bass, drums, and vocals. They played Nirvana and Rage Against The Machine covers to find some footing and learn to be a band. One of the essential morals of the band is to always have fun. This mantra fueled the foundation of their first record, not ironically titled Why Not Have Fun? The band molded together songs with ideas that had been kindling since 2012. Their inclusive and democratic approach coupled with their layered past, birthed a record predominantly uninfluenced by any sort of genre or style. Bad Misters truly capitalize on authentic connections between each other to create something unique among a sea of conventional music. While some bands act like they don’t give a shit what you think of them, Bad Misters truly don’t give a shit what you think. Their friendship and creativity is unfiltered and unwavering, and continues to catapult them through the New Orleans scene.

Bad Misters are:

Justin Andre
Annabelle Dempster
James Goodreau

Why Not Have Fun? is the debut album from Lafitte natives, Bad Misters. After over a decade of throwing ideas to wall and reworking and remodeling, the band comes out swinging with 9 songs of pure passion and intensity. BM’s motto for their creative output is to be authentic and to always have fun, hence the title of the album. This declaration rings true not only in their songwriting but also during live shows where drumsticks break, bass guitars are flung, and neck veins bulge. Recorded at High Tower Recording with Nick Pope of Fruit Machines and James Whitten (Pears, Thou, Static Masks), their sound is magnified to truly show the power and energy a guitarless band can possess.