Buster Kidd

Buster Kidd is the personality of Zak Angelle, a Lafayette native. Much of Angelle’s musical birth was chronicled from 2004-2009 in Pharmacist Always On Duty, a frail cacophony of guitars often disturbed with confident distortion and rhythmic density. Little is known of Angelle following PAOD’s five-year campaign aside from his move to Austin, TX, but despite the band’s demise, it is evident where the complexity of Buster Kidd originates. While the music is totally different, Angelle moving to a hip-hop beat focused aesthetic, Buster Kidd tells a story of contemplative remorse with less aggressive exposition. Snake Throws is the most recent release of the project and Angelle doesn’t falter aiming to create expressive and pensive sounds that float carelessly through the conscience.