Comradery and smoking weed seem to be common themes among New Orleans metal bands. Cikada is no different in the way that smoke-filled jam sessions between guitar players, Jonathan Crawford and Trey Burch in their Metairie and Chalmette dwellings, would eventually grow into Cikada’s ethereal-doom sentimentality. Upon further marination and intentional song-writing, the band began searing itself into the dogma of contemporary metal bands in New Orleans, connecting and influencing others in the scene. Being a metal band in New Orleans probably contains the same weight as an upcoming bounce artist; there is a lot to live up to and a lot that has been done before. However, Cikada presents a unique style of southern-stoner metal that blends an almost pop flare with something guttural and distorted. Their SDR debut, Lamplighter, documents years of meticulous guitar riffing and blunt ripping resulting in a raw and intentional canvas for their sound to burn.
RIYL: Doom / Stoner / Sludge / Heavy Music

FFO: Sleep, Bolt Thrower, Dope Throne, Pelican, Thou