King Poobah

Sovereign of empty space, czar of the far out, magistrate of the chasm in the void, monarch of a member-less caste, King Poobah rose to power in the state of delusion provoked by ceaseless foraging deep in the dark archives of ecological documentaries. The lord of the illogical claimed dominion over the vacuum, and subsequently declared that his reign would bring beats, grooves, riffs, licks, jams and other exotic treasures to his domain and his subjects.

King Poobah, as all sovereigns are, is in a constant state of war with all but his own subjects. This leviathan’s methods of war employ techniques like sample chopping, sound sequencing, finger drumming, and scratching...but never biting. Combined, these tools make up an Arsenal exclusively utilized to proliferate notions of the natural, the order of the organic, and the law of the landless.

From the deepest depths of the dustiest crates, a new Lo-Fi hip-hop tape emerges as a synthesis of retro style and modern sensibility. Park King is the latest instrumental hip-hop project from the reclusive King Poobah. This full length LP features 17 instrumental beats with neck breaking drums, carefully chopped samples, and a consistent and familiar tone. This lesson in Lo-Fi is the latest in King Poobah’s series of nature-themed instrumental projects produced on iconic vintage samplers. This tape is a culmination of works composed on the Roland SP555 and is saturated with the tonal qualities and quirks that have earned this machine a cult status within the Lo-Fi community. It is gritty, dusty, and raw while also feeling smooth, chill, and energetic; a perfect album for any summer activities!