Static Masks

The path of Static Masks is somewhat complicated. Its dawn comes from the nuts and bolts of co-songwriter, Pat Bailey, who started the project in 2013 within in the context of another solo project, Loomis and after the decimation of his former band Smiley With A Knife. Bailey left New Orleans for more fruitful pursuits and released a tasteful EP under the Static Masks moniker with electronic drums and samples. After some soul searching in San Francisco, Bailey returned to the humidity and teamed-up with former bandmate, Eric Dauzat who shared co-writing responsibilities in their first band together, Meadow Flow. Bailey’s main thought behind this fuse was to go back to basics and where creative songwriting could blossom. The objective for the band was to channel Bailey and Dauzat’s past musical references of angular and ambient melodies and frame them within a pop-song design. Once the duo had enough material prepared, they recruited Robert Landry on drums, known for more unconventional beats with a healthy track record as a songwriter, and Ben Belou on bass who could ebb and flow among the flagrant riffs and dynamic rhythms. After almost a year of preparation, the band recorded their first album, Late Bloomer. Static Masks’ songs require attention, something most audiences don’t have the patience for. However, it could be said that they are working to push pop music forward writing more tastefully creative songs that teeter on the line of progressive math-rock and alternative pop-rock.

Static Masks are:

Patrick Bailey - guitar / vocals
Ben Belou - Bass
Eric Dauzat - guitar / vocals
Robert Landry - drums