The Fruit Machines

The Fruit Machines get their name as a reference to the iconic slot machines in casinos. Their sound is just as alluring as the flashing lights over jingles and cushy carpeted floors. The brainchild of main songwriter, Nick Pope, proceeding former outfits The Bedroom and Birdfight, their pursuits are contagious and ethereal pop songs. The band is comprised of New Orleans locals, however they sport a sound that is not so common in the Big Easy, a slacker rock that is similar to Jonathan Richman of the Modern Lovers but with the disposition of Husker Dü and the poetic charm of The Breeders, especially during vocal soliloquies by Annie Cespedes. Keyboard garnishes of Eric Dauzat contain a frivolity that subdues the apathetic and serious context of the songs as Adam Harlow cuts the curves with pulsing house beats. The Fruits, on stage, swim in a pool of jinx and gritting sarcasm as showgoers are caught in their toe-tapping and romping, but are quick to retreat to the bar or respected corner of the room drunkenly gazing, smirking at the exhibition.

The Fruit Machines are:

Nick Pope
Annie Cespedes
Eric Dauzat
Adam Harlow