Works On Progress Vol. 1 - Ltd. Edition Orange + Gold Swirl Vinyl SDR026


Works On Progress Vol. 1 is a compilation of BIPOC musicians. From day one, 100% of every dollar from every sale will be sent to the artists. We are aiming to highlight the talent of the folks involved, connect this incredible music to new listeners, and get as much money as possible into the musician’s pockets. We are aiming to help build community and equity for these artists.

The project features the work of: Dominic Minix, LB and Cam Smith, Frewhun, Sexy Dex and The Fresh, AF The Naysayer, Christelle Bofale, Zetroc, Xavier Molina, Solomon Wexley, Primus Roman, Delores Galore, and Sly Watts. The visual art work was created by: Langston Allston. Musicians from New Orleans, Louisiana and beyond.

Community Records, Strange Daisy Records, Defend New Orleans, and New Orleans Record Press have teamed up to make this project a reality, with help and perspective from Dominic Minix. Please enjoy and share with friends. The vinyl and digital album is exclusively sold and distributed through Bandcamp & the record labels web-sites.

Community Records -104
Strange Daisy Records - 026
Release date: Feb. 26 - 2021

Cover Art by Langston Allston


releases February 26, 2021


Vinyl also available @ our Bandcamp page >>>

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    1. LB and Cam Smith - Mayweather
    2. Freewuhn - 4 53
    3. Sexy Dex and The Fresh - Endless Bummer
    4. AF THE NAYSAYER - Hip-Hop u Novom Sarajevu
    5. Christelle Bofale - Moving On, Getting On (demo)
    6. Zetroc - Panic Architecture
    7. Dominic Minix - Try Again
    8. Xavier Molina - Yeah
    9. Solomon Wexley - LIGHT AS A FEATHER
    10. Primus Roman - Heaven Knows
    11. Delores Galore - C O N T I N U E
    12. Sly Watts - The Future, She’s Beautiful
  • Orb - Bandcamp Exclusive / 25
    Orange + Gold Swirl - Strange Daisy Exclusive / 100
    Blue + Orange Swirl - Community Records Exclusive / 100
    Random Color / 225