LLC - Ltd. Edition Vinyl SDR045


Are you sick of instrumental albums that carry on far longer than they should?

We here at LLC understand your frustration and bring you the finest in compact rock listening experiences. Using our patented ShortSong technology™, we have distilled an LP’s worth of audio into a sleek 20 minute package. Sourced with top-of-the-line amps, drums, and microphones, this vinyl record promises to take you on a dynamic journey through rhythm, melody, and texture. In addition, it’s all backed up by our award-winning, one-of-a-kind listener satisfaction guarantee.

At LLC, we value your time and your musical selections. We hope you enjoy this record as much as we did making it.


Pressed with our patented ShortSong™ technology, this vinyl record consists of top-of-the-line waveforms sourced from the finest tube amplifiers, wooden drum shells, artisinal guitar pedals, and industry-standard microphones.

One-sided vinyl available on 2 Ltd. Edition colors. Collect them all!

• 180 Gram Vinyl Pressed @ NOrP
• Heavy Duty Jacket on Reverse Board
• FREE Official LLC Business Inc. Pen
• Vinyl housed in BLUE poly-lined inner sleeves
• Ships w/ Stickers & Other Goodies
• Digital Download Included
• Ltd. Edition Color Variants Available


• Big Chief Blue
Blue w/ Orange Smokes
Qty | 50

• Blind Carbon Copy Black
Classic Black Wax
Qty | 50

*** Pictures shown are mock ups. Exact colors may differ. ***
**** EXPECTED TO SHIP FEB 2023 ****

  • Tracks
  • Pressing Information
  • Audio
  • Videos
    1. Numerically Controlled Machine Tools
    2. Company Fun Run
    3. Acid-Test Ratio
    4. Big Chief Finance
    5. Blind Carbon Copy
    6. Dead Cat Bounce
    7. Write Down, Write Off
    8. Consumer Confidence
    9. Adaptive Firm
  • Blue w/ Orange Smoke - 50
    Black - 50