A Living Soundtrack

A Living Soundtrack has dominated the instrumental/electronic rock market of New Orleans since their inception in 2003. Amid a city of traditions, ALS has found ways to renovate their sound offering crisp and inventive music that speaks as a musical portrait of their life experiences. Masterminds, Matt Aguiluz and Marshall Flaig have worked together fearlessly entering new territory to consistently progress the band. In the early days, ALS was originally a four-piece, taking more influence from post-rock bands like Tortoise and indie-electronic outfits like Stereolab. Their sound was focused on songwriting that built upon linear ideas. They released a self-titled EP but went on a hiatus in the middle of writing their first album after original bass player, Nick Lauve, left the band. Missing the fourth pillar was a struggle for the band as they had to learn to program and synthesize sounds live that Lauve was responsible for. However, this obstacle was the momentum centered around their paramount 2008 release, How To Grow a City. The full length ventured into more melodic convictions that steered away from the “instrumental rock” side of their previous release. Throughout this time, the band started to experiment with projected visuals that synced along with their live shows, perhaps as a way to fill gaps but later becoming an iconic aspect of the band’s aesthetic. While the band was gaining some level of incentive, things were once again stalled, as Matt Aguiluz and third member Jenn Aguiluz left the states to temporarily live in Asia together. After an elongated and life-threatening journey the couple returned with a beautifully reflective perspective. Almost immediately, Flaig and Aguiluz got back to work flushing through potential tensions and knocking the rust off their musical cavorting. Last year the band released Tezukayama 帝塚山 inspired by Aguiluz’s journey through Asia. Its melodic complexity and dynamic shifting confirms the group’s ascension, and the album also holds as a new beginning for them. With a kinetic stride, ALS propel.

A Living Soundtrack are:

Matt Aguiluz & Marshall Flaig